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Join The Writer's Gym

Want to be a great writer who enjoys creating and sharing your work with others? Then you must start doing these 2 things right away: (1) make space in your life to develop a daily commitment to your craft and (2) spend time developing relationships with those most likely to be your first readers and champions, your fellow writers. By joining The Writer's Gym you ensure both of those things are built into your calendar automatically. Once you join, you'll become a member of the Loving The Process writing community and gain access to our Weekly Prompts and Monthly Workouts for FREE and receive deep discounts on our signature weekend writing retreats. At the Writer's Gym you never know what inspiring prompts you're going to get or which cool new friends you'll meet, but it will always be a good time. We aim to leave you with inspired new stories and connected to a community you love.  

Warm Up the Creative Brain

Get Your
Weekly Writing Prompts

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Get the Ideas Flowing 

Writer's Monthly Workout
Multiple Dates
This monthly workout is equal parts writing exercises and networking time because every writer needs regular doses of both.
Feb 01, 8:30 PM – 10:00 PM

Stretch Those Creative Muscles 

Find The Story Only You Can Write
Multiple Dates
Do you need help finding your next story? This mini writer's retreat will help you bypass your brain and find it where it lives: in your heart.
Mar 04, 1:30 PM – 4:00 PM
Online Workshop

Go Deeper Than You Thought You Could Go

Story Leap Weekend Writer's Retreat

Story Leap is a weekend workshop intensive designed to catapult you into greater clarity around the major beats of a story you've either already been burning to write, or are looking to find from a deeper place within.

Through a series of writing prompts and in-depth group discussions, you will be invited to let your left brain take a vacation, while you are guided, step by step, into an accelerated deep dive through the 12 phases of an archetypal journey. This powerful process will help you find and harvest the big picture, emotional truth of a story your heart wants to tell, and prepare you with the foundational answers needed to finally start writing that, always challenging, "shitty first draft".

March 16th - 18th. Book a quick call with Holly to see if StoryLeap is a right fit for you. Space is limited.

Ask us about group and Writer's Gym member discounts.


Commit to a Daily Writing Practice

Daily Writing Salons

If you wrote one page a day on your script or novel, when would you be finished? Exactly. That's why at Loving The Process we believe one hour a day makes all the difference. We meet to co-work on the Zoom writing salons daily. M-F 8am EST and 8am PST.

*This program is only available to members of the year long programs and alumni.


Want a Coach to Support You Through Every Step of the Process While Writing Your Book or Script?


Book a Call with Holly

Loving The Process offers several year long coaching programs that combine coaching, curriculum and community designed to keep even the busiest of writer's moving forward powerfully. Book now to meet writing/creativity coach Holly Payberg-Torroija to discover if any of our programs are a right fit.


"I’ve found that most writing workshops come from the superficial perspective of simply studying the craft of storytelling, but for me that’s the easy part; it doesn’t address the real roadblocks that I encounter. Holly has a holistic heartfelt individualistic approach to teaching the creative process, which starts with building a solid foundation from which to write by exploring your personal backstory and understanding and releasing the psychological and cultural blocks that impact the writing process. Holly has helped me gain a greater respect and understanding of myself and of my unique process. She has helped me to become a better writer as well as helping me to learn how to enjoy more, and fear less, my ongoing journey as a writer. "  

                                                                                                                            - Susan Jziba, Screenwriter

“Holly is a masterful teacher & empathetic coach whose practical process guides you along your writing journey while also generating side benefits of greater self-awareness and enjoyable comraderie with fellow travelers.” 

                                                                                                                           - Catherine LeBlanc, Writer, Business/Education Consultant


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