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Have a Deadline? Want a Coach To Help You Dig Deep While Ensuring You Finish that Next Book or Script?

You might be a fit for one of our year long coaching programs. All of our coaching packages come with some combo of the services below, depending on your needs/ budgets/time constraintsBook a call with Holly to discuss your goals and determine which package is a right fit for you.

To learn more about the Loving The Process philosophy click HERE



Experience the benefits of a writing partner, without the compromise, while working one-on-one with writing coach, Holly Payberg-Torroija, to craft your next (or first) book or script.


Lovingly referred to by her students as a "story witch", Holly takes the stance that the story is already inside you, whole and complete. And she uses her rare gift for helping writers relax into the process, asking just the right questions, to support them in pulling the story out of their heart and onto the page, in its highest form. 


During this transformational year long experience, you'll work together to find just the right mix of creative freedom vs. discipline to ensure you're moving forward without cutting off flow. The goal being to leave you with not only a completed first draft you're genuinely proud of, but a process and a community you'll enjoy leaning into long after your coaching journey is over.


***Minimum one year commitment. Prices vary depending on amount of one-on-one time needed. Spaces very limited. Once filled, they won't become available again until students graduate out.


Loving The Process offers a wide range of curriculum in the form of one-off workshops, targeted intensives, and weekly prompts designed to lead you, step by step, from concept to completion. 

When you enroll in our coaching program you automatically gain access to the full curriculum which includes:

  • Finding The Story - a collection of tricks, tips and prompts to help you find the story your heart most wants to write.

  • The Heart of The Story - an 8 part intensive designed to help you find the emotional arc of your Protagonist.

  • Embracing the Antagonist - an 8 part intensive designed to give your Protagonist a challenge worth turning the pages for.

  • Mapping It Out - an 8 part intensive designed to help you break the story, by finding the major beats.

  • Outlining the Holly Way - a one-off workshop with guided usable template included to prep you for the first draft.

  • Delivering the Drafts - a collection of tricks, tips and prompts to guide you through the marathon that is the first draft.



One of the greatest things about Loving The Process is our community. 

Writers need each other. This is just a fact. They need the camaraderie in those early days to muster their courage and keep coming back.


And they need each other in the later phases to be those first readers/audiences, and to be their champions in all the right places, when it comes time to get representation and sell. 

Our coaching program includes multiple ways for writers to be in community with one another to get the bonding they love and accountability they need including: daily co-writing calls, monthly small group coaching calls,  monthly large group community calls and bi-monthly table reads.

And each program includes lifetime access to our Loving The Process online network with unlimited chat.

Susan Ashley, CA

Loving The Process is not just a writing program, but a deep dive into what feeds your soul. It's an exploration of who you are, what your goals truly are and how you'd like to achieve them through the written word. When I cleared the space and time to focus on her intensives, I not only walked away more focused about my life but had figured out a problem with a script I'd been struggling with. I realized through the writing exercises that I had written an entire outline for the script. Holly's coaching has been the best gift I could have given myself, just what I needed and the perfect fit! Thank you, Holly!

Kate Ostergren, OR

Holly's coaching program has been such powerful and cathartic experience for me. I'm someone who has had a myriad of stories living in my head for years, but always struggled when it came to getting ideas on the page. Holly's incredible prompts and gentle supportive coaching helped me break through my barriers and see my characters and story clearly in writing for the first time. Our time in small group discussions was also the first time I had ever read my words in front of others, and the support of the other writers in the community has been phenomenal.

Noelle DeAtley, NC

Everyone told me to sit down and write my story. Never would I ever want to do anything anyone ever told me to do. Holly is the first coach who did not tell me to sit down. She only asked me to show up. I took the leap. I showed up. The amount of creativity that has poured out of me so willingly now is immeasurable. I still do not have to sit down. I run to show up for me and the endless creativity I have still inside. Take the leap. I promise you will fly.

Nicole, FL

Holly’s support of me is beyond anything I have had in my life.  She doesn’t rush me. Doesn't make me feel guilty. She gives me permission to stumble and find my way creatively, without judgment. There are only a couple of things I need in my life right now, and this course with her is one of them

Susan Jizba, CA

I’ve found that most writing programs come from the superficial perspective of simply studying the craft of storytelling, but for me that’s the easy part; it doesn’t address the real roadblocks that I encounter. Holly has a holistic heartfelt individualistic approach to teaching the creative process, which starts with building a solid foundation from which to write by exploring your personal backstory and understanding and releasing the psychological and cultural blocks that impact the writing process. Holly has helped me gain a greater respect and understanding of myself and of my unique process. She has helped me to become a better writer as well as helping me to learn how to enjoy more, and fear less, my ongoing journey as a writer.

Eloise Coopersmith, CA

I recently read, ‘A storyteller is a life poet, an artist who transforms day to day living, inner life and outer life, dream and actuality into words whose rhyme scheme is events rather than words.’ Helping you put those words/events on the page is the magic we discover in Holly’s writing program.s Holly offers tools, techniques and inspiration for writers to open the doors of their imagination and freely put together the story they have been waiting to tell but for whatever reason have been unable to put to the page. If you have a story to share, Holly will help you find the courage and empower you to tell your story.

The Loving The Process Philosophy

Writing requires a special brand of courage and commitment. A badass willingness to sit in the not-knowing-ness, while the inner critics run wild. A refusal to quit until the aha's burst free.


The mental gymnastics required to finish the marathon that is writing a book or script can humble even the most seasoned of writers. Especially when it comes to those stories that mean the most.


But for those with a story burning inside them, they know there's really no choice but to answer that call. That's what makes us writers a tribe of our own. Come hell or highwater, we know we've got to make it happen.


At Loving The Process our goal is to help make that journey from inspiration to completion, a little brighter and easier. To offer the kind of creative coaching, nurturing and community support we feel writers need in order to achieve full expression, going deeper than they ever could on their own.


Our commitment is to ensure our writers learn to love every inch of the process, because that is where 90% (or more) of our time is spent as creatives. If we can learn to love it, we can settle in. If we can settle in, we can allow for magic.


And if we can consistently allow for magic, our creative pursuits are a guaranteed success. Regardless of what the box office or best seller list says. Although we'll embrace those wins too. Who doesn't love a good party? And money. Money's good. More time for creating.


If all of this is music to your ears, then get on a call with Holly. She'll help you figure out which, if any of our packages is a right fit for you.​ 

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