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Our Online Writing Programs

Need help to finally write that book or script? We have support to fit every need and budget.


Write Your Story,
Change Your Life


Are you feeling blocked, frustrated, uninspired or even untethered? The reason might be deeper than you think. Becoming a fully expressed writer, requires a certain fearlessness. And that special brand of fearless expression requires, as its base, a radical form of acceptance of the good, bad & ugly of this thing called life. If you can name it, you can tame it. And if you can tame it, you can express it. If you're ready to get yourself creatively unstuck and dive head first into that kind of change, then sign up for this 12 week guided writing journey designed to unleash the fearlessness every writer needs to get into flow and allow their authentic voice to shine.

**Starts Sept 13th. Space is limited. Includes weekly Zoom calls. Wednesdays. Choice of day or evening calls. Includes Lifetime membership to our online community, Plus bonus private coaching session with Holly.  Normally $1200 but ON SALE NOW for $600 (or 3 payments of $225)

Loving The Process

Our signature online writing course, Loving The Process, lets you set your own pace, while guiding you every step of the way through all 3 phases of the writer's journey: Finding The Story, Workshopping The Plot and Delivering The Draft. This program includes free membership to the Writer's Gym, as well as 2 private coaching calls with Holly, 1 virtual weekend retreat and monthly community Q & A calls. 

On SALE now for $147 pr/month

(12 month commitment)

**Questions about the specifics of the curriculum?

Book a call with Holly


Loving The Breakthrough

In this life changing coaching program, you will work directly with writing/creativity coach, Holly Payberg-Torroija. Together, you'll choose one of your stories. Put it through the paces of an intentionally slowed down process. Addressing each saboteur as it pops up. Leaving you with, not only a completed (or on its way to completed) book or script, but with a community, and an approach to your creative life, that has you empowered and genuinely loving each step of the process. Invitation only. Space is limited. Book a call with Holly to see if this program is a right fit for you. On SALE now for $475 pr/month

(18 month commitment)


**Program includes free membership to the Writers Gym. Lifetime access to Loving The Process curriculum, as well as private coaching, group table reads, and our 4 part workshop Prepping for Market.

Susan Ashley, CA

“Loving The Process is not just a writing program, but a deep dive into what feeds your soul. It was the best gift I could have given myself. Thank you, Holly"

Kelly Carlin, CA

"Holly took me from having lost the thread and motivation to write the book I wanted to write to enthusiasm, clarity and a whole new angle. Her ability to make me feel safe enough to explore new areas and depths is profound. I think she’s a story witch! "

Kate Ostergren, OR

“I've had a myriad of stories living in my head for years, but always struggled when it came to getting ideas on the page. Holly's incredible prompts and gentle supportive coaching helped me break through my barriers and see my characters and story in a new way.”
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