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Our Year Long Coaching Programs

Need help to finally write that book or script? We have support to fit every need and budget.


Community Level

Experience a year of full guidance as you sink into the LTP curriculum which is loaded with guided prompts, that will allow you to relinquish that bossy left brain, and be present in the moment, focused solely on the next task at hand. Each week is designed to build on the other until one day you’ve written your whole book or script.


With this go-at-your-own-pace program, you’ll get the daily co-writing calls, weekly challenges and monthly community check ins that come with The Slow Writing Challenge program but in addition, you'll get full access to our LTP curriculum, as well as live access to our 3 8-week intensives . Plus 2 bonus private coaching sessions with Holly Payberg-Torroija (60 minutes)


 One year commitment. Start anytime.

 $299 pr/mo 

Small Group Coaching

Experience a year of total support where you'll have a coach, a curriculum and a small writing cohort (that will feel like a treasured team) championing you every step of the way, as you write your next book or script.


Emphasis will be placed on process, helping you go deeper than you’d ever be able to go on your own, busting through blocks and inner saboteurs that limit your full authentic voice from shining through.


With this package you'll receive all the community benefits and features of The Slow Writing Challenge and the Loving the Curriculum program. But you'll also get bi-monthly coaching calls with your small cohort, ongoing table reads (when it's time) and 10 private sessions with Holly (60 minutes each) 

One year commitment. Invitation only. Book a call w/ Holly. 

$450 pr/mo


One-on-One Plus

Experience the benefits of a writing partner, without the compromise, while working one-on-one with writing coach, Holly Payberg-Torroija, to craft a book or script that is not only well written, but reflects your unique authentic voice.


In this personalized year long experience, you'll get to lean into Holly's uncanny knack for story problem solving (thanks to her years of development experience in Hollywood), as well as her rare gift for helping writers relax and hear their own hearts, to organically pull your story out of your heart and onto the page, in its highest form.


With this package you'll receive 12 Story Collaboration sessions with Holly (90 minutes each), story notes/feedback on your first draft, plus as many of the community benefits and features of The Slow Writing Challenge, LTP Curriculum/Story Intensives, group coaching calls and table reads as you want to enjoy. 


One year commitment. Invitation only. Book a call w/ Holly. 

$900 pr/mo  

Susan Ashley, CA

“Loving The Process is not just a writing program, but a deep dive into what feeds your soul. It was the best gift I could have given myself. Thank you, Holly"

Kelly Carlin, CA

"Holly took me from having lost the thread and motivation to write the book I wanted to write to enthusiasm, clarity and a whole new angle. Her ability to make me feel safe enough to explore new areas and depths is profound. I think she’s a story witch! "

Kate Ostergren, OR

“I've had a myriad of stories living in my head for years, but always struggled when it came to getting ideas on the page. Holly's incredible prompts and gentle supportive coaching helped me break through my barriers and see my characters and story in a new way.”
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