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Week 3 - The Logline. Now? Why?

Updated: Jan 31

Your challenge for Week 3 of the Slow Writing Challenge is to write your logline. I have my reasons. :) Take a listen, and then share below how the challenge is going for you.

Also for those of you that would like to pour some rocket fuel on this challenge, consider enrolling in our year long coaching program.

We'll be kicking it off with our Heart of The Story 8 week intensive, designed to help you have a breakthrough in understanding around the emotional arc of your protagonist starting Feb 14th. (which of course is perfectly timed with the challenges we'll be addressing in the Slow Writing Challenge.)

If you sign up for our coaching program, The Heart of The Story intensive is free. To learn more about this intensive click HERE

Or to find out more about our year long coaching programs click HERE

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