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The 12 Week Journey Begins September 13th

Have you been feeling creatively blocked, frustrated, uninspired or even untethered? Consider that the reason might be deeper than you think.

To be a great writer (or storyteller of any kind) requires a certain brand of fearlessness when it comes to expression. But what few tell you, is that getting to that place requires the courage to adopt a certain brand of fearlessness in your own life. We're not saying you need to suddenly take up skydiving. We're talking about a willingness to plumb your inner depths. To develop an attitude of radical self acceptance about the stories you find there: the good, the bad and the ugly. To see your life, the way an author might, if that author considered you one of their most intriguing characters. When you can claim it, you can name it. And when you can name it, you can express it. That is the road to the brand of fearless expression we’re talking about. And the ripple effects, on your creative pursuits, is incalculable. If you suspect you might be the one blocking your own free expression, and are ready to dive head first into change, we hope you'll join us starting September 13th for a 12 week guided writing journey designed to help you dig deep and unleash that special brand of fearlessness every writer needs, in order to get into flow, and find their authentic voice.

To get the details and sign up now click HERE

***In honor of the Writer's Strike, we are intentionally offering this program for a discount of 50% off, but for anyone who really needs it, and can't afford the price listed, we have further discounts and scholarships available if you reach out before Friday Sept 8th.

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