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Write Your Story,
Change Your Life

A 12 week guided writing workshop designed to unleash that special brand of fearlessness

every writer needs, in order to get into flow, and find their authentic voice.

Are you feeling creatively blocked, frustrated, uninspired or even untethered? The reason might be deeper than you think.

Becoming a fully expressed writer (or storyteller of any kind) requires a certain brand of fearlessness. But what no one tells you is that getting there, requires adopting a certain fearlessness about your life. 


We're not suggesting you suddenly take up skydiving. We're talking about being willing to adventurously plumb your inner depths and develop an attitude of radical self acceptance about the stories you're currently living: the good, the bad and the ugly. 


When you can claim it, you can name it. And when you can name it, you can express it. That is the road to the brand of fearless expression we’re talking about. The ripple effects of this powerful work on your creative pursuits is incalculable.


So if you’re tired of blocking your own way and are ready to dive head first into change, we hope you'll join us on the journey by signing up for this life changing program today.

Starting Sept 13th

What's included:
- Weekly 90 minute Zoom calls (Wednesdays)
- Lifetime access to over 12 recorded lessons

- Lifetime membership to LTP online community
- One 30 minute private coaching call w/ Holly


Normally priced at $1200 but in honor of the writer's strike we're offering 50% off, making it $600 (or 3 payments of $225).
Space is limited. Book now.

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Facilitated by Holly Payberg-Torroija, writing/creativity coach, Founder of Loving The Process

As a writing/creativity coach, Holly draws from her 30-plus years of experience as a busy writer/producer in Hollywood, to create the kind of immersive and heart-centered writing programs and workshops she wished she would have had. She knows the writer's mind and the special brand of resistances it puts up, which is why all her programs are designed to circumvent those resistances, until her clients are strong enough to do it for themselves. 

“Holly's workshop took me from having lost the thread and motivation to write the book I wanted to write to enthusiasm, clarity and a whole new angle. Her ability to make me feel safe enough to explore new areas and depths is profound. I think she’s a writing witch!"

Kelly Carlin, CA

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