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Write Your Story,

Change Your Life.

Do You Have a Story Your Heart Knows You Need to Write?

  • Are you feeling frustrated by your inability to get your story out?

  • Censoring yourself?

  • Spinning in a circle?

  • Questioning your own talent? 

  • Or simply can't get your butt in the seat?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, have you ever considered that maybe a writing coach could help?

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Learn About Our Programs

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to let go and relax into a guided process? To know that if you just set aside a little daily “you time” to focus solely on your story, that your story would get written? To know that you could actually enjoy it? No overthinking or self torture required?

Loving The Process is
a Coaching Program & a Community


A word from our Founder, Holly Payberg-Torroija


Hi. My name is Holly and as a writing and creativity coach there is one thing I know for certain: your stories are important. And they’re not going away.


Sure, you can try to keep kicking the can down the road, and wasting energy beating yourself up about not writing them if you want. But I’m here to suggest that your stories won't be ignored. They want to be written for a reason. That, often, they are the key to your growth and ultimate fulfillment, and potentially the key to others growth as well.


So don’t you owe it to yourself, and your potential audience, to take your stories seriously? To learn how to allow your stories to flow freely onto the page and do what they do?


If you're ready to take that leap, consider letting me help you. I know and love the writer’s mind. I know the special brand of resistances it puts up. Which is why I have used every inch of my 30 plus years of personal writing experience to create programs with the power to circumvent those resistances, until writers have the strength to do it for themselves.

Holly is a graduate of both The Second City sketch writing and Improv programs. And has a history of working in all aspects of the business from her early days on set working on high profile projects like FRIENDS and ANALYZE THIS, to her development days working as Director of Development for Signature Pictures, and partner in June Bug Pictures, to writing and producing her own indie content such as the family comedy THE GUARDIANS, and show running several award winning digital series THE SEX TRADE, GG'S JAVA JOINT and FEATHERS AND TOAST.


Learn more about Holly...

Want to give yourself the full support of a coaching program, and a community you love, as you write your next book or script? 


Enrolling Now

Our year long coaching programs can be curtailed to your budget and time constraints. Click here to learn more  about our programs and how they can support you. Or, even better, hop on a call with Holly to figure out what kind of support you need.

"Trying to write a book or script without a coach and a community is lot like trying to produce a first draft on this old typewriter. You can. But why? Why go the slow and frustrating route, when you can shave years off your process, go deeper than you ever thought you could go and have a blast while doing it."

                                                       --Holly Payberg-Torroija




Holly has helped me find my voice and the courage to tell my story. Her kindness, compassion, wisdom and humor provides a safe space to explore one’s writing using a proven process that truly works.



The cure for Writer's Block! Holly has this soothing wisdom that nurtures your creativity and unleashes those writing juices over & over again throughout your process.



I only dreamed of writing a novel and now I'm actually doing it, thanks to Holly's incredibly skillful guidance. She's provided the tools to match my creativity so I can bring my story to the page.

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