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Are You a Writer Unhappy With Your Process?


Over 90% of a writer's time is spent on the process of creating. Yet so many treat their creative life as if it's some sort of mad dash to the finish line, living solely for the high that comes from those peak, but fleeting, experiences of completion and sharing with others.


Is this you? Have you ever asked yourself why? What's the cost? If you're not loving the process, it's difficult to claim you're really loving your life, nor doing your best work. So why not settle in and learn to really love it? This way your success is baked in and there's a good chance you'll become brilliant at your craft.


                              -- Holly Payberg-Torroija, Founder of Loving The Process

Could You Benefit From Some Support?

Are you someone who knows you’ve been repressing your creativity? Perpetually stuffing it to the bottom of your to-do list? Struggling to allow your unique voice to break through? Allowing your inner critic to berate you with lies about not having enough time, talent or resources?


Or are you a professional writer (director or actor) who is feeling spun out and knows you’re in need of a reset to get back to original purpose? Wanting to reconnect with what you're really here to express.


We want to help.  Join us by becoming a Member and start filling that well today.

Loving The Process is an ever expanding community of writers and creatives of all kinds who understand the importance and the power of storytelling to make a difference in our own lives, and ultimately in the lives of others.

In a world where the serious pursuit of creative goals is systemically discouraged and treated as unrealistic, we take the stance that, as creatives, time spent expanding our skills of expression is a necessity, not a luxury. We see it as an irreplaceable ingredient in creating a happy, healthy and balanced life. Therefore we will find a way to make proper room for it. 

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Do you know its time to finally write the story (or stories) only you can tell, but find yourself frozen with fear and insecurities about your ability to effectively get them out?  Find out more about our signature writing programs and creativity workshops designed to support you through every phase of the writing process and leave you with a personalized, reliable, repeatable process you can lean into over and over again. Learn more...

Often the most challenging part of writing is learning how to get out of your own way, which is why all our LTP courses come with built in group coaching sessions, as well as the opportunities to work one-on-one with our lead coach, Holly.  Drawing from her natural empathic/intuitive abilities, and 30 years of experience tangling with her own creative saboteurs, Holly's become known for her ability to create such a nurturing, safe environment for her students, that they find themselves able to dig deeper and bust through more boundaries/creative saboteurs than they previously thought possible. Book a free consult...

Writers need the camaraderie of other writers, which is why LTP is committed to creating an inspired and supportive community of writers on both this public network and our private network (which you automatically become a lifetime member of when signing up for one of our courses). Members of the private network have access to daily writing salons, monthly Q & A calls, and discounts on upcoming workshops, special events. Learn more...

A Word From Our Founder

Holly Payberg-Torroija


As a writing and creativity coach, I take the stance that if you are someone with a desire to write, then you are a writer. It’s that simple. The rest is just details we can work through together. 


I know the stories are already in there, because stories live in all of us, we just have to get to work on peeling away the layers of doubts/fears and limitations that block you from allowing your voice its free and full expression. Then settle into a mindset most conducive to learning to love the process.

Becoming a masterful writer, with the power to move people, is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s a craft that takes years to develop, and even longer to make a living at (if that’s your ultimate desire). If you can accept that, and settle in for the long haul, developing a sustainable daily practice, you will eventually become great at your craft. It’s just math.

Holly created Loving The Process to give writer's the kind of love, guidance and nurturing she wished she would have had on her 30 plus year journey as a writer/producer in Hollywood. Learn more about Holly...




Holly has helped me find my voice and the courage to tell my story. Her kindness, compassion, wisdom and humor provides a safe space to explore one’s writing using a proven process that truly works.



The cure for Writer's Block! Holly has this soothing wisdom that nurtures your creativity and unleashes those writing juices over & over again throughout your process.



I only dreamed of writing a novel and now I'm actually doing it, thanks to Holly's incredibly skillful guidance. She's provided the tools to match my creativity so I can bring my story to the page.


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