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Loving The Process is Going to The Fringe!

Vicariously that is. Because not one, but three, members of our LTP Community have shows going up at the 2022 Edinburgh Fringe Festival and we couldn't be more excited for them! And these are their amazing stories:

Eloise Coopersmith got so tired of all the dark content the world had to offer, that she decided to create her own show, Love Always Wins, The Musical, that acts as an homage to all the fans (herself included) who genuinely appreciate the light and love one can count on when turning on a good ole Hallmark movie. This show's theme centers around a heroine that finally finds the courage to hear and follow her own voice. Eloise wrote, directed, financed, marketed and stars in this one woman musical with a twist (where she's not entirely alone, she interacts with characters who are present via pre-filmed scenes). Eloise also wrote, recorded and performs many of the original songs featured in this musical. To learn more, see a trailer or even grab tickets click