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Loving The Process is Going to The Fringe!

Vicariously that is. Because not one, but three, members of our LTP Community have shows going up at the 2022 Edinburgh Fringe Festival and we couldn't be more excited for them! And these are their amazing stories:

Eloise Coopersmith got so tired of all the dark content the world had to offer, that she decided to create her own show, Love Always Wins, The Musical, that acts as an homage to all the fans (herself included) who genuinely appreciate the light and love one can count on when turning on a good ole Hallmark movie. This show's theme centers around a heroine that finally finds the courage to hear and follow her own voice. Eloise wrote, directed, financed, marketed and stars in this one woman musical with a twist (where she's not entirely alone, she interacts with characters who are present via pre-filmed scenes). Eloise also wrote, recorded and performs many of the original songs featured in this musical. To learn more, see a trailer or even grab tickets click here

Elise Robertson has turned her passion for environmentalism and all things Rachel Carson into a truly unique one woman show called Imagining Rachel. Coincidentally she and Rachel shared the same childhood stomping grounds and in this piece (that she wrote, produced, directed and stars in) she uses puppets, found objects, and stage wizardry to interweave her own messy coming-of-age with Rachel’s, as they struggle with their identities as artists, mothers, and truth-tellers. To find out more about Elise's show and how to watch it, click here

Amie Enriquez has done the impossible. She's turned one of the darkest years of her life (being in an extended stay rehab facility for Anorexia and Bulimia) into an equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking show called Lightweight, that leaves you, not only thoroughly entertained but with a much deeper compassion/understanding for anyone who's struggled with one of these debilitating diseases. Lightweight has already played to sold out audiences at The Second City as well as off-Broadway in NYC, and now will have its debut at the Edinburgh Fringe. If you'd like to check it out further, or help her with her current Seed and Spark fundraising campaign click here

The work these ladies have put in to writing, producing, practicing, performing, then fundraising and marketing these passion projects is truly admirable. They represent the perfect example of what it takes to make one's own dreams come true.

They are making it happen! And I hope you'll check out their work and then give them a much deserved congrats in the comments section.

***This blog marks the beginning of a new series on the Loving The Process writer's forum entitled Writer's Spotlight where we highlight writers we think are doing great work. If you're a writer (or enjoy storytelling) and want to become a member/contributor, you can sign up by clicking here.

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