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Introducing Story Leap Writer's Retreat

This past weekend I invited a small group of extraordinary ladies to be my guinea pigs for a new weekend writing retreat I'm calling Story Leap. My hope was that it would deliver dramatically accelerated insights into the stories they were working on (a mix of memoirs & fiction), while also generating deep, lasting shifts into how they look at and approach their creative lives. And I am happy to report that the results far exceeded my own expectations.

It turns out my hypothesis was right. As a coach, I have always believed that your stories live inside you, whole and complete, and that all we need to do is help you get around your own internal judge, so that you can go in deep and find them.

After this weekend, I am more convinced than ever that that is true. Sometimes all a writer needs is a little bit of a trickster coach like me, with a talent for helping writer's hear their own hearts, to help them find that important inner core of the story they're trying to tell. And once they've got that, they can fly.

If you are someone currently struggling with a story you know you need to write. Or if you're writing a memoir and struggling to find that deep underpinning that ties it all together. Or if you're trying to find that next great story you want to write, and need help tapping your inner well. Or if you're feeling stuck with life in general, and feel like your whole life needs a rewrite, I can now genuinely say this retreat will help.

The first official Story Leap Writing Retreat will take place this December 8th - 11th and if you are one of the people listed above, I hope you will seriously consider giving yourself this gift.

The retreat will be virtual (and therefore open to all) but it will not be a "on Zoom all weekend" kind of retreat. Nope, this retreat will be a "choose your own adventure" kind of thing. If you want to rent an Airbnb some place inspiring with a couple friends that is highly encouraged. We just request that everyone have their own computer/phone, with good internet connection, so that you can access the powerful writing prompts and you won't miss those 7 very special and powerful times, through out the schedule, where we check in with the whole community.

If you want to end your year with a bang! Feeling like you've got clarity on the story you're telling, before the holidays and the transition in a new year sweep you away, then SIGN UP NOW. And start clearing off that schedule to give yourself the gift of 3.5 days of glorious, uninterrupted focus on yourself and the story only you can write.

*Prices will be going up for future retreats, so if you want the introductory rate, grab your chance now.

**LTP students participate for free. Ask us about group discounts and affiliate discounts for members of WIF, GLW, The Jane Club, WOTV, CSE and Soul Sisters by emailing Holly at

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Susan Jizba
Susan Jizba
30. Okt. 2022

I love your wonderful writing classes and I'm very excited about this upcoming workshop! I'm planning on taking it in order to develop a new idea that I have for a feature. It sounds like an inspiring way to start this story off on the right foot!

Gefällt mir
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