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Beware of the Compare

Here’s an important fact to remember: you are the only you there is.

Your journey through this life, with all its ups and downs, and triumphs and failures, is wholly unique to you. What you find easy vs. what you find impossible. What shuts you down or opens you up. Whether you see yourself as wildly successful or struggling to get by, has absolutely nothing to do with your value in this world, and everything to do with this unique life path you’re on.

The way you walk through this world. The experiences you have or don’t. The perception and meaning you give to it all, is determined by such a complex set of factors (environment, culture, history, upbringing, genetics, life experience, temperament, destiny, fate, life purpose) that even for those who do a fair amount of honest internal seeking, it’s still hard to understand one’s self and why our lives shake out the way they do.

Sometimes we don’t find out until decades later, that something we thoug