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Week 5 - Your Protagonist: How Do They Grow and Change

Week 5 of the Slow Writing Challenge kicks off an 8 week journey into finding the emotional arc of your protagonist. And your first challenge inside that journey is to skip all the to the ending of the story and notice how your protagonist grows and changes. Take a listen...

Want to take on the Slow Writing Challenge inside the Loving The Process community and get access to daily co-writing calls and monthly community coaching calls? Sign up HERE First month is free. Then $14.99 pr/mo

Or if you'd like pour rocket fuel on this particular set of challenges, it's not too late to sign up for our Heart of The Story 8 week intensive starting Feb 21st.

This 8 week intensive is designed to cause a powerful breakthrough around the emotional arc of your protagonist, thereby also unlocking deeper understanding of where you need to go with your antagonist, plot and supporting characters.

What you'll get:

  • 8 live group calls with guided exercises and spotlight coaching (I ask you an overwhelming amount of relevant questions in order to literally pull the story out of you)

  • Lifetime access to the recorded prompts/questions (that you can use over and over again for all your character arcs)

  • Lifetime access to our Loving The Process writers network

  • Daily co-writing calls.

  • And a bonus 30 minute private coaching call with me

Click HERE to sign up. Or Ask me how to get 50% off? (Space is very limited, so if you want a spot, grab it quick)

***Students of my year long program get this intensive for free.

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