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Something's Gotta Give

This post isn't for everybody, "only the sexy people, so all you fly mother's get on out there and dance. Dance I say."

I'm kidding. Sort of. I do genuinely want you to "get on out there and dance" your best dance in life, metaphorically speaking. Which is why this post is for all of you reading this, who know deep down, whether you've admitted it or not, that you can't keep going the way you've been going. Those of you that know something in your life needs to change. Those of you that sense there has to be a better way of approaching things. Or specifically, it's for all of you creative types, who know you can't keep suppressing your creative side, and you're ready to do whatever it takes to make a change.

I'm here to tell you that you have everything you need, right there inside you already, to make that change and make it quick. It starts with making a powerful decision and a commitment to yourself that you will be the heroine/hero of your own story. And it becomes real, out of a willingness and a bravery to take an honest look at the story that is your life, warts and all, and give it a rewrite.

I'm not here to tell you it is easy. The process can be very confronting and imperfect. But I am here to point out that it is that simple. Change your story, change your life.

If you're ready to make that kind of dramatic change, quick, then I'd love for you to consider giving yourself the gift of jumping into my StoryTime workshop. StoryTime is a 12-week journal writing workshop (akin to the Artist's Way but different) that will lead you, week by week, through the beats of the Heroine's journey. The goal will be to have you look at your life through the eyes of a writer, and in the process, discover that you get to have a say over, maybe not everything that happens, but certainly how the story gets written. And in the end, as my happy former students will tell you, that is everything. (**Side effects may include increased grounded-ness and the realization that you have some amazing books or scripts in you that need to be written.)

I have new StoryTime workshops starting up quarterly (next one starts on 9/14). Space is very limited, as I keep my groups small and pour my whole heart into it. So if you want a spot, click here get on a call with me and grab it quick. And please don't let any fears around cost, or groups, or limitations stop you. If this sounds like something you feel you need right now, let's chat about it. I am certain we can find some kind of plan that will work for you (even if it's a - go it on your own - kind of thing). Plus I do have a few scholarships available.

I've seen now what the program can do and the ways that it helps people help themselves, and it's become my commitment to give as many people that brand of support as possible.

***Holly Payberg-Torroija is a writer/writing coach and founder of Loving The Process, a coaching program designed to support writers in getting out of their own way, so they can write the stories they were born to write. If you know it's time to finally write that book or script, and are ready to transform your life in order to make that possible, hop on a call with Holly to chat about it. You can book your free consult by clicking here Her next year long program starts up in September. Will you be in it?

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Susan Jizba
Susan Jizba
Sep 02, 2022

This is such a Wonderful Class, Holly! It helped me to go much "deeper" into the characters in my stories, it assisted me in letting go of resistance/procrastination, and it helped me to better understand myself and how my personal "lens" through which I see the world is reflected within my voice and the tales that I tell. Thank you, Holly!!!

Sep 02, 2022
Replying to

It has been an absolute pleasure to watch the joy with which you approach both your writing and your personal growth. Grateful we found each other.

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