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Clearing The Space - Your Second Slow Writing Challenge

If you want to ensure your success in, not only starting but, finishing that book or script, you must get busy doing what we, at Loving The Process, like to call Clearing The Space.

Which is why "Clearing the Space" is our next challenge in the prep for our Slow Writing Challenge.

Our official kick off event is happening on Saturday Jan 13th so there is plenty of time to prep.

At our kick off event you'll get the chance to meet the Loving The Process writing community and get further clarity around the mindset you'll need and which story you want to write.

If you SIGN UP NOW, the kick off event is FREE. Membership in the Slow Writing Challenge gets you the opportunity to take on the challenge alongside a community of fellow writers where, along with the weekly challenges, you'll get pre-recorded monthly deep dive workshops, access to daily co-writing calls (to get your recommended hour a day of writing in), unlimited chat, and liftetime access to the Loving The Process network.

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