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Choosing The "Right" Story - The Slow Writing Challenge

As creatives, I'm sure many of you have several story ideas bouncing around in your head competing for attention. The trick is choosing the right story. One you'll be willing to spend the next several years with. It's a big decision that needs to be taken seriously, but at the time, not so seriously that it sends you into analysis paralysis.

That is why this weeks challenge is all about offering you some food for thought as you spend some time pondering which story to choose for this writing adventure. Take a listen...

If you'd like further help, or just need to talk it out with others in the same boat, then join us at our kick off event this coming Saturday Jan 13th. It's free. And a great opportunity to meet the community that will taking on the Slow Writing Challenge, while helping you further brainstorm which story you'd like to choose as your next (or first) book or script. To sign up click HERE

And if you already know you're going to want more one on one support from a coach like me, feel free to hop on an intro call with me so we can assess what level of support you're wanting and what might be a good fit for you. To book the call click HERE

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