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Workshops & Speaking Engagements


Writer's Kick Start

This free introductory workshop is designed to give would-be writers the kick start they need to get started writing the story they know only they can write. Through a series of short, guided exercises, Holly proves how powerful and productive even just a 1/2 hour of writing a day can be. So why not get started? (This workshop is available at least 6 times a year. Check below for latest dates and times.)

StoryTime Workshops

StoryTime is a 12 week journal writing workshop (in the vein of The Artists Way) designed to take writers on a journey into the beats of their own heroine/hero stories. Everybody knows the best stories come from writer's writing what they know, which is why this course is designed to help writers dig deep to harvest the stories they've already been living, while exercising their ability to find the best words to express it. (Side effects include increased mental and emotional well-being. Bouts of inspiration stemming from the realization of how many great stories already live inside you.)


Book Holly

Have an upcoming event, conference or retreat? Need a guest for your next podcast or series? Holly loves to collaborate. She has frequently teamed up with Women in Film, Kelly Carlin's True North, and Rickie Byars & Greta Sesheta's Soul Sisters as a guest speaker/facilitator, creating customized talks and workshops to serve their varying community needs. Holly has also been a guest speaker/panel expert for The Jane Club, Digital Hollywood, AFM, and the On The Page podcast with Pilar Alessandra.


We recently worked with Holly Payberg-Torroija to offer a 3 part Screenwriting Program for our members! It went amazingly well. We learned so much from her lessons! Holly is a great teacher. Patient and very informative. 

-- Keota Picou, Program Director, Women in Film