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  • Introducing Story Leap Writer's Retreat

    This past weekend I invited a small group of extraordinary ladies to be my guinea pigs for a new weekend writing retreat I'm calling Story Leap. My hope was that it would deliver dramatically accelerated insights into the stories they were working on (a mix of memoirs & fiction), while also generating deep, lasting shifts into how they look at and approach their creative lives. And I am happy to report that the results far exceeded my own expectations. It turns out my hypothesis was right. As a coach, I have always believed that your stories live inside you, whole and complete, and that all we need to do is help you get around your own internal judge, so that you can go in deep and find them. After this weekend, I am more convinced than ever that that is true. Sometimes all a writer needs is a little bit of a trickster coach like me, with a talent for helping writer's hear their own hearts, to help them find that important inner core of the story they're trying to tell. And once they've got that, they can fly. If you are someone currently struggling with a story you know you need to write. Or if you're writing a memoir and struggling to find that deep underpinning that ties it all together. Or if you're trying to find that next great story you want to write, and need help tapping your inner well. Or if you're feeling stuck with life in general, and feel like your whole life needs a rewrite, I can now genuinely say this retreat will help. The first official Story Leap Writing Retreat will take place this December 8th - 11th and if you are one of the people listed above, I hope you will seriously consider giving yourself this gift. The retreat will be virtual (and therefore open to all) but it will not be a "on Zoom all weekend" kind of retreat. Nope, this retreat will be a "choose your own adventure" kind of thing. If you want to rent an Airbnb some place inspiring with a couple friends that is highly encouraged. We just request that everyone have their own computer/phone, with good internet connection, so that you can access the powerful writing prompts and you won't miss those 7 very special and powerful times, through out the schedule, where we check in with the whole community. If you want to end your year with a bang! Feeling like you've got clarity on the story you're telling, before the holidays and the transition in a new year sweep you away, then SIGN UP NOW. And start clearing off that schedule to give yourself the gift of 3.5 days of glorious, uninterrupted focus on yourself and the story only you can write. *Prices will be going up for future retreats, so if you want the introductory rate, grab your chance now. **LTP students participate for free. Ask us about group discounts and affiliate discounts for members of WIF, GLW, The Jane Club, WOTV, CSE and Soul Sisters by emailing Holly at

  • Something's Gotta Give

    This post isn't for everybody, "only the sexy people, so all you fly mother's get on out there and dance. Dance I say." I'm kidding. Sort of. I do genuinely want you to "get on out there and dance" your best dance in life, metaphorically speaking. Which is why this post is for all of you reading this, who know deep down, whether you've admitted it or not, that you can't keep going the way you've been going. Those of you that know something in your life needs to change. Those of you that sense there has to be a better way of approaching things. Or specifically, it's for all of you creative types, who know you can't keep suppressing your creative side, and you're ready to do whatever it takes to make a change. I'm here to tell you that you have everything you need, right there inside you already, to make that change and make it quick. It starts with making a powerful decision and a commitment to yourself that you will be the heroine/hero of your own story. And it becomes real, out of a willingness and a bravery to take an honest look at the story that is your life, warts and all, and give it a rewrite. I'm not here to tell you it is easy. The process can be very confronting and imperfect. But I am here to point out that it is that simple. Change your story, change your life. If you're ready to make that kind of dramatic change, quick, then I'd love for you to consider giving yourself the gift of jumping into my StoryTime workshop. StoryTime is a 12-week journal writing workshop (akin to the Artist's Way but different) that will lead you, week by week, through the beats of the Heroine's journey. The goal will be to have you look at your life through the eyes of a writer, and in the process, discover that you get to have a say over, maybe not everything that happens, but certainly how the story gets written. And in the end, as my happy former students will tell you, that is everything. (**Side effects may include increased grounded-ness and the realization that you have some amazing books or scripts in you that need to be written.) I have new StoryTime workshops starting up quarterly (next one starts on 9/14). Space is very limited, as I keep my groups small and pour my whole heart into it. So if you want a spot, click here get on a call with me and grab it quick. And please don't let any fears around cost, or groups, or limitations stop you. If this sounds like something you feel you need right now, let's chat about it. I am certain we can find some kind of plan that will work for you (even if it's a - go it on your own - kind of thing). Plus I do have a few scholarships available. I've seen now what the program can do and the ways that it helps people help themselves, and it's become my commitment to give as many people that brand of support as possible. ***Holly Payberg-Torroija is a writer/writing coach and founder of Loving The Process, a coaching program designed to support writers in getting out of their own way, so they can write the stories they were born to write. If you know it's time to finally write that book or script, and are ready to transform your life in order to make that possible, hop on a call with Holly to chat about it. You can book your free consult by clicking here Her next year long program starts up in September. Will you be in it?

  • Write From The Wound, Publish From the Scar

    I attended a retreat facilitated by Elizabeth Gilbert and Rachel Cargle, and this was just one, of the many, important wisdom bombs Liz dropped on us at this wonderful 3 day retreat. She said it in response to a question one of the participants asked: whether or not it was better to write from the wound or the scar. And I felt her answer was one that was really important for writers to hear. I'm paraphrasing based on how I remember it, but in essence what she said was that if you have something you're trying to work through, or that is trying to work through you, it's important to write it. To let it flow. Essentially write from the wound. Express all that needs to be expressed. Every last word of it. And when you're done, and only when you're done, that's when you can start looking at it from the vantage point of what needs to be expressed to others. What needs to be "published". As an example she said "for those of you who read Eat. Pray. Love. how much do you feel you know about my ex-husband?" We all agreed "not much". And she said that was by design. When it came time to publish, it became clear that part wasn't important to the story (or anything she really needed or wanted to share for many reasons). But that's not how it started. She said you better believe every last bit of her feelings about that time in her life were in there in that first draft. But those parts were what she needed to write in order to get there. Not what the audience needed to read. I share this because one of the biggest ways I see so many writer's holding themselves back is by not allowing themselves the process. The second they have an idea they're already thinking about what the end product will be. Whether or not it will be "marketable". Whether or not its okay to express what they're expressing. And next thing you know they're completely shut down over the thought of who might see it. Who might know their inner thoughts on this particular subject. These are all valid concerns, but there's a time and place for them and it's not right there at the beginning, when you're trying to work out what you're even trying to express. The creative process is messy and any book or screenplay worth its salt, should start from a writer writing from a wound (or a passion, or a joy or an inspiration) that is deep, true and authentic. Those kinds of big feelings and deep explorations need room to breathe. They need permission to be wrong. To be out of bounds. To even be blasphemous. We can't be worried about how its going to land with others every step of the way. That's a recipe for self limitation and self censorship and, frankly, some really boring stories. I always tell my students that the beauty of writing is that you get to be your own Monday morning quarterback, and that you should use that advantage to it's fullest. Let your work be free. Let it flow. Write everything that needs to be written, simply because your heart wants it to be written. Be childish and selfish about it, knowing that this isn't the end of the road, it's just the beginning of the process. Once you've gotten it all out, and are all the wiser for it, then and only then, will you be ready to throw on your publisher's hat and decide what is important to share and what is not. Or even more importantly what you're comfortable with sharing, and what you are not. You simply can't know before you know. That's just not how it works. So all this to say I highly recommend you take Liz's advice and "write from the wound. Publish from the scar." ******Holly Payberg-Torroija is a writer/writing coach and founder of Loving The Process, a coaching program designed to support writers in getting out of their own way, so they can write the stories they were born to write. Book a free consult by clicking here

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  • Writing Workshops | Write The Story Only You Can Write

    Not ready to jump into our year long program? Check out our upcoming writing workshops. Or book Holly as a guest speaker/facilitator for your upcoming event, retreat or podcast etc. Workshops & Speaking Engagements Dec 8th - 11th Are you ready to take the leap? Sign Up Now Story Leap Writer's Retreat is a weekend workshop intensive designed for writers of all levels (beginner to professional) looking to catapult themselves into greater clarity around the major beats of a story they've either been burning to write, or are looking to find from a deeper place within. ​ Through a series of writing prompts and in-depth group discussions, writers will be invited to let their left brain take a vacation, while they are guided, step by step, into an accelerated deep dive through the 12 phases of an archetypal journey. This process will help them to find and harvest the big picture, emotional truth of a story their heart wants to tell, and prepare them with the foundational answers needed to finally start writing that, always challenging, "shitty first draft". Write The Story Only You Can Write This free introductory workshop is designed to give would-be writers the kick start they need to get started writing the story they know only they can write. Through a series of short, guided exercises, Holly proves how powerful and productive even just a 1/2 hour of writing a day can be. So why not get started? (This workshop is available at least 6 times a year. Check below for latest dates and times.) Book Now StoryTime Workshops StoryTime is a 12 week journal writing workshop (in the vein of The Artists Way) designed to take writers on a journey into the beats of their own heroine/hero stories. Everybody knows the best stories come from writer's writing what they know, which is why this course is designed to help writers dig deep to harvest the stories they've already been living, while exercising their ability to find the best words to express it. (Side effects include increased mental and emotional well-being. Bouts of inspiration stemming from the realization of how many great stories already live inside you.) Book a consult Book Holly Have an upcoming event, conference or retreat? Need a guest for your next podcast or series? Holly loves to collaborate. She has frequently teamed up with Women in Film, Kelly Carlin's True North, and Rickie Byars & Greta Sesheta's Soul Sisters as a guest speaker/facilitator, creating customized talks and workshops to serve their varying community needs. Holly has also been a guest speaker/panel expert for The Jane Club, Digital Hollywood, AFM, and the On The Page podcast with Pilar Alessandra. Reach out TESTIMONIALS We recently worked with Holly Payberg-Torroija to offer a 3 part Screenwriting Program for our members! It went amazingly well. We learned so much from her lessons! Holly is a great teacher. Patient and very informative. -- Keota Picou, Program Director, Women in Film

  • Online Writing Program | Write The Story Only You Can Write

    Enrolling Now Our year long program starts whenever you're ready to sign up. If you know you have a story to write and feel like it might be time to take that leap, book a free consult now to see if our program is the right support for you. Book a consult WRITE THE STORY ONLY YOU CAN WRITE Do you know its time to finally write the story (or stories) only you can tell, but find yourself frozen with fear and insecurities around your ability to effectively get them out? Do you secretly fear you might die with your stories still inside you? My name is Holly Payberg, Founder of LOVING THE PROCESS where we help people with great ideas become inspired writers with great scripts / books. "I truly believe everyone has a story to tell, and the only thing stopping them is their lack of ability to get out of their own way. It's my goal to set writers free by helping them identify the triggers and blocks that keep them stuck and ultimately craft a process/lifestyle they can rely on, time and time again, to get them where they want to be." LOVING THE PROCESS is an online creative writing / coaching program that goes deep, helping writers find their unique voices, while breaking down the storytelling process into manageable, enjoyable steps. The goal being to support writers in making peace with the negative mental chatter that binds them, in order to free them to do their best work. All while LOVING THE PROCESS. You'll know this is the right program for you if... You know you have important stories to tell, but worry you don't have enough time or talent to write them to the level you see them in your head. You are attracted to the idea of being truly committed to writing and developing mastery at your craft. You believe you could benefit from having a reliable, repeatable process to help you get your stories out in their most developed form. You long to be part of a community of writers, equally committed to developing and honing their craft . You have accepted that your writing journey will be a marathon, not a sprint, and can see the benefits of having a coach to support you along the journey. ​ So..what do you say? Will this be the year you finally write the story? ​ If you're thinking this might your year, book yourself a free consult with Holly to see if Loving The Process is the right support for you. ​ ​ ​ ​ Book a consult INSPIRATION Every year long program begins with our signature StoryTime workshop designed to help writers dig deep and find the stories they were literally born to write. They say a writer writes what they know, so we get busy helping them get clear on what it is they know. (Side effects include mental and emotional well-being. Increased ability and willingness to express one's authentic truth, which is a vital skill for all writers.) Curriculum Each student will receive lifetime access to the LOVING THE PROCESS writing curriculum which is designed to be evergreen and offers our writers loads of inspiration and guided exercises to support them through each phase of the writing cycle: from the idea phase, to outlining, to the shitty first draft and the revision process. The goal is to give writers a reliable, repeatable process they can lean into, in order to stop the mental spinning that often occurs when taking on large projects and help them focus only on the task at hand. coaching Our group coaching calls are where the magic happens. Kept intentionally small and intimate, our lead coach Holly has a way of making these weekly/bi-weekly Zoom calls feel like the most, supportive and nurturing writer's room you'll ever have the pleasure of being a part of. Over the course of the year, Holly will use these calls to lead you through every step of the curriculum, while giving individual attention and support to each writer on the call. Depending on the level of support desired, private coaching can be added to the package. COMMUNITY Each student will also receive lifetime membership to the LOVING THE PROCESS Private Online Writing Community. There you will receive daily inspiration, unlimited chat time with your fellow LTP writers, Monthly Q & A meet ups, and access to our daily Writing Salons (Weekdays 8am EST & 8am PST) where you can get your hour a day of writing time in. Writing an hour a day keeps the guilty feelings away. :) What's Included in Our Program? TESTIMONIALS "I’ve found that most writing workshops come from the superficial perspective of simply studying the craft of storytelling, but for me that’s the easy part; it doesn’t address the real roadblocks that I encounter. Holly has a holistic heartfelt individualistic approach to teaching the creative process, which starts with building a solid foundation from which to write by exploring your personal backstory and understanding and releasing the psychological and cultural blocks that impact the writing process. Holly has helped me gain a greater respect and understanding of myself and of my unique process. She has helped me to become a better writer as well as helping me to learn how to enjoy more, and fear less, my ongoing journey as a writer. " -- Susan Jziba, Screenwriter ​ “Holly is a masterful teacher & empathetic coach whose practical process guides you along your writing journey while also generating side benefits of greater self-awareness and enjoyable comraderie with fellow travelers.” Catherine LeBlanc, Writer, Business/Education Consultant

  • Loving The Process | Write The Story Only You Can Write

    Book a Consult All Writers Welcome to Loving The Process Are You a Writer Unhappy With Your Process? Over 90% of a writer's time is spent on the process of creating. Yet so many treat their creative life as if it's some sort of mad dash to the finish line, living solely for the high that comes from those peak, but fleeting, experiences of completion and sharing with others. Is this you? Have you ever asked yourself why? What's the cost? If you're not loving the process, it's difficult to claim you're really loving your life, nor doing your best work. So why not settle in and learn to really love it? This way your success is baked in and there's a good chance you'll become brilliant at your craft . -- Holly Payberg-Torroija, Founder of Loving The Process ​ Do You Feel Overwhelmed? Unsure Where to Start? ​ ​ Book a Call Now Learn More About Our Programs Courses Do you know its time to finally write the story (or stories) only you can write, but find yourself frozen with fear and insecurities about your ability to effectively get them out? Find out more about our signature writing programs and creativity workshops designed to support you through every phase of the writing process and leave you with a personalized, reliable, repeatable process you can lean into over and over again. Learn more... Coaching Often the most challenging part of writing is learning how to get out of your own way, which is why all our LTP courses come with built in group coaching sessions, as well as the opportunities to work one-on-one with our lead coach, Holly. Drawing from her natural empathic/intuitive abilities, and 30 years of experience tangling with her own creative saboteurs, Holly's become known for her ability to create such a nurturing, safe environment for her students, that they find themselves able to dig deeper and bust through more boundaries/creative saboteurs than they previously thought possible. Book a free consult... Community Writers need the camaraderie of other writers, which is why LTP is committed to creating an inspired and supportive community of writers on both this public network and our private network (which you automatically become a lifetime member of when signing up for one of our courses). Members of the private network have access to daily writing salons, monthly Q & A calls, and discounts on upcoming workshops, special events. Learn more... A Word From Our Founder Holly Payberg-Torroija As a writing and creativity coach, I take the stance that if you are someone with a desire to write, then you are a writer. It’s that simple. The rest is just details we can work through together. I know the stories are already in there, because stories live in all of us, we just have to get to work on peeling away the layers of doubts/fears and limitations that block you from allowing your voice its free and full expression. Then settle into a mindset most conducive to learning to love the process. ​ Becoming a masterful writer, with the power to move people, is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s a craft that takes years to develop, and even longer to make a living at (if that’s your ultimate desire). If you can accept that, and settle in for the long haul, developing a sustainable daily practice, you will eventually become great at your craft. It’s just math. ​ Holly created Loving The Process to give writer's the kind of love, guidance and nurturing she wished she would have had on her 30 plus year journey as a writer/producer in Hollywood. Learn more about Holly... Book a Consult Testimonials Harriet Holly has helped me find my voice and the courage to tell my story. Her kindness, compassion, wisdom and humor provides a safe space to explore one’s writing using a proven process that truly works. Leslee The cure for Writer's Block! Holly has this soothing wisdom that nurtures your creativity and unleashes those writing juices over & over again throughout your process. Pam I only dreamed of writing a novel and now I'm actually doing it, thanks to Holly's incredibly skillful guidance. She's provided the tools to match my creativity so I can bring my story to the page. Enrolling Now Our year long program starts whenever you're ready to sign up. If you know you have a story to write and think you're ready to take the leap, book a free consult now to learn more. Book a Consult Not ready to commit to our year long program? BOOK NOW Check out our WORKSHOPS BOOK NOW

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