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Week 4 - Time To Catch Up

Updated: Feb 14

Your challenge for Week 4 of the Slow Writing Challenge is to catch up.

We promised you slow and slow is what you'll get. This catch up week marks the end of the first phase of our journey (finding the "what is it" of it all in the most macro sense) so take this time to dig deeper into the parts you didn't get to yet. For suggestions of how to best use this time, take a listen, and then share below how the challenge is going for you.

What further support might you need?

We're going to be shifting gears next week into what will be an 8 week discovery process into the one element no story can be without: the emotional arc of your protagonist.

Each week you'll get a new challenge that slowly brings you through the entire protagonist's journey, so you can see it through their eyes. The way an actor would.

If you'd like pour rocket fuel on this particular set of challenges, it's not too late to sign up for our Heart of The Story intensive which starts Feb 14th.

Click HERE to find out more. Discounts and scholarships are available. Email me for more information.

***Students of my year long program get this intensive for free.

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