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If You're Feeling Untethered, Write.

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

With so many dramatic events and changes happening these days, at a genuinely merciless pace, it's hard for anyone to not feel a bit untethered by it all. But it's especially difficult for those sensitive, creative types whose job it is to remain open to all that life brings, even in the face of great turmoil, in order to express and aid in human understanding/comfort.

For the creatives and the empaths of the world, it is crucial to spend some extra time on self care right now. To ground themselves in what is real and true. To take stock of what can and can't be controlled. And to put their own parental controls, so to speak, on the information they will and won't take in, and at what quantity. Because over taxing your nervous system, spiraling into cycles of analysis paralysis, and perpetually lowering you