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Loving The Process - Year Long Coaching Programs
For those serious about becoming the best writers they can be,
while genuinely learning to love the process


Enrolling Now

Our year long program starts whenever you're ready to sign up. If you know you have a story to write and feel like it might be time to take that leap, book a free consult now to see if our program is the right support for you.

Just like deciding to have a baby, there is never going to be a "right time" to finally start writing your stories. You have to ask yourself: if you die having never written that story, will that be okay with you? At Loving The Process we show you how to make time to develop your craft and ultimately finish those drafts, no matter how busy you are.

Let Us Help You Write The Story
Only You Can Write

Do you know its time to finally write the story (or stories) only you can write, but find yourself frozen with fear and insecurities around your ability to effectively get them out?


Do you secretly fear you might die with your stories still inside you?


My name is Holly Payberg, Founder of LOVING THE PROCESS where we help people with great ideas become inspired writers with great scripts / books.


"I truly believe everyone has a story to tell, and the only thing stopping them is their lack of ability to get out of their own way. It's my goal to set writers free by helping them identify the triggers and blocks that keep them stuck and ultimately craft a process/lifestyle they can rely on, time and time again, to get them where they want to be."


LOVING THE PROCESS is an online creative writing / coaching program that goes deep, helping writers find their unique voices, while breaking down the storytelling process into manageable, enjoyable steps. The goal being to support writers in making peace with the negative mental chatter that binds them, in order to free them to do their best work. All while LOVING THE PROCESS.


You'll know this is the right program for you if...


  • You know you have important stories to tell, but worry you don't have enough time or talent to write them to the level you see them in your head.

  • You are attracted to the idea of being truly committed to writing and developing mastery at your craft.

  • You believe you could benefit from having a reliable, repeatable process to help you get your stories out in their most developed form.

  • You long to be part of a community of writers, equally committed to developing and honing their craft .

  • You have accepted that your writing journey will be a marathon, not a sprint, and can see the benefits of having a coach to support you along the journey.

So..what do you say? Will this be the year you finally write the story?

If you're thinking this might your year, book yourself a free consult with Holly to see if Loving The Process is the right support for you.


Every year long program begins with our signature StoryTime workshop designed to help writers dig deep and find the stories they were literally born to write. They say a writer writes what they know, so we get busy helping them get clear on what it is they know. (Side effects include mental and emotional well-being. Increased ability and willingness to express one's authentic truth, which is a vital skill for all writers.)


Each student will receive lifetime access to the LOVING THE PROCESS writing curriculum which is designed to be evergreen and offers our writers loads of inspiration and guided exercises to support them through each phase of the writing cycle: from the idea phase, to outlining, to the shitty first draft and the revision process. The goal is to give writers a reliable, repeatable process they can lean into, in order to stop the mental spinning that often occurs when taking on large projects and help them focus only on the task at hand.


Our group coaching calls are where the magic happens. Kept intentionally small and intimate, our lead coach Holly has a way of making these weekly/bi-weekly Zoom calls feel like the most, supportive and nurturing writer's room you'll ever have the pleasure of being a part of. Over the course of the year, Holly will use these calls to lead you through every step of the curriculum, while giving individual attention and support to each writer on the call. Depending on the level of support desired,  private coaching can be added to the package.


Each student will also receive lifetime membership to the LOVING THE PROCESS Private Online Writing Community. There you will receive daily inspiration, unlimited chat time with your fellow LTP writers, Monthly Q & A meet ups, and access to our daily Writing Salons (Weekdays 8am EST & 8am PST) where you can get your hour a day of writing time in. Writing an hour a day keeps the guilty feelings away. :)

What's Included in Our Program? 


"I’ve found that most writing workshops come from the superficial perspective of simply studying the craft of storytelling, but for me that’s the easy part; it doesn’t address the real roadblocks that I encounter. Holly has a holistic heartfelt individualistic approach to teaching the creative process, which starts with building a solid foundation from which to write by exploring your personal backstory and understanding and releasing the psychological and cultural blocks that impact the writing process. Holly has helped me gain a greater respect and understanding of myself and of my unique process. She has helped me to become a better writer as well as helping me to learn how to enjoy more, and fear less, my ongoing journey as a writer. "  -- Susan Jziba, Screenwriter

“Holly is a masterful teacher & empathetic coach whose practical process guides you along your writing journey while also generating side benefits of greater self-awareness and enjoyable comraderie with fellow travelers.”  Catherine LeBlanc, Writer, Business/Education Consultant

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